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Operations at COVID-19 Alert Levels 2 and 3

As you will be aware our Government has moved Auckland to COVID-19 Alert Level 3, and the rest of the country to Alert Level 2 from Midday today for the next two days, however we are of the opinion this may well be longer.

Our commitment is always to keep our staff safe and healthy, to allow us to operate and move your freight for you, and to you.

What does this mean for you?
Nexus and Conlinxx are a significant part of the supply chain within the greater Auckland area and around New Zealand. We have now implemented our Pandemic Emergency Plan for Alert Level 3. This allows us to operate as normally as we can, however as part of these alerts, we have implemented some changes to the way our operational staff can function.

Our customer service team representatives are working from home and will continue to do so until we are back at Alert Level 1. If your business is not trading over this lockdown, please make sure you let us know as we most certainly don’t want to have any trucks moving to companies unnecessarily.

We have now instructed our drivers that they have full control over their truck. This means only the driver can unlock or lock their twist locks - no one else is to touch these. If there is a kiosk when they arrive at your site they will need to keep their windows up and show passes through their window. Their keys are to remain on the seat of their truck. No one else must touch these. When a customer site asks or requires the driver to leave their truck from a safety point of view, they must have an area that is at least two metres away from anybody else. If any site asks them to do differently and they feel that this is being breached or they are at risk, they have been instructed to leave the site with the container on board.

Please understand this is about keeping our drivers as well as your staff safe at all times, and they have every right to protect themselves. At no stage do we want any driver to feel at risk. I’m sure you will all understand our reasoning behind this, as our fleet of trucks is crucial to keep freight moving in this unprecedented time, which again means keeping our drivers safe.

We would appreciate it if they need to use bathroom facilities that they can use yours and rest assured they will comply with any H&S measure, as well as sanitising as required.

Each site generally has its own H&S boundaries and we are happy to work with you, provided there is no contact with the drivers' keys or any of their equipment, like common key boxes or areas where they feel unsafe.

The South Auckland Freight Hub is open and will continue to work with all import and export freight, including inbound and outbound trucks for both of these. Each truck will be directed into safe areas for the drivers to unlock and lock their twist locks. South Auckland Freight Hub staff are not permitted to touch anything on these trucks. Any paperwork that may be needed to be passed over will be placed in a marked box, a staff member will remove this and checks will be completed. A gap of four metres must be complied with between any driver and our staff an all times.

All of our Customer Service, Planning, Business Development and Finance teams are now working from home. We have been doing this now since the original lockdown and are well equipped to manage this. We would encourage all contact by email please, as it’s by far the best way to communicate with the correct person. Please try and communicate this way rather than by phone until we move back to Alert Level 1.

Again, this an unprecedented event and something that has taken the world by storm. Let’s hope we catch this in time to divert a second wave like other countries have seen. We are well prepared for this and look forward to continuing our service to you. We also appreciate the stress this has brought on all of us including all of our families.

Please see key contact numbers below should you require contact with a senior member of our team:

Garth Cahill - Health & Safety Manager
021 547 936

Dale Harnett - Chief Financial Officer
021 070 7989

Ben Fausett - Business Development
021 488 076

Jessica Seamark - Head of Operations
021 751 054

Donna Sudfeldt - Transport Manager
021 659 897

Claudia Raui - Inland Ports Manager
021 166 900

Mike Lightfoot - Chief Executive Officer
021 967 111

Nexus Logistics customer service
Phone: (09) 926 8600 [option 1]

I would like to thank you for your continued support and look forward to working together over the next several weeks.

Mike Lightfoot
Chief Executive Officer

Fuel Adjustment Factor
Month Standard Nexus FAF
Jun 2024 17.73%
May 2024 19.52%
Apr 2024 19.69%
Mar 2024 19.49%
Feb 2024 17.82%
Jan 2024 17.75%
Dec 2023 19.75%
Nov 2023 21.05%
Oct 2023 22.82%
Sep 2023 19.69%
Aug 2023 16.26%
Jul 2023 15.18%
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