Why Nexus

Nexus Logistics provides fully integrated container logistics solutions for forward-thinking companies throughout New Zealand.

Our strength lies in our ability to solve our customers’ distribution challenges. We remove the risk and stress of supply chain management, so they can focus on their business operations.

We’re focused on providing best in class solutions. We know the market is changing quickly so we’re constantly evolving our service to stay ahead of the game.

And our reputation for excellence sees us working with some of New Zealand’s leading businesses and brands.

Will yours be next?

How we work

4PL - fourth party logistics provider: an integrator that manages resources, capabilities and technologies to provide a complete supply chain solution

As a 4PL, Nexus Logistics offers a complete container logistics solution.

We do this through a control tower approach – we are the single freight desk that manages and co-ordinates the operational links efficiently to get your freight from A to B.

We are an independent provider. This means we source and combine the best combination of services to deliver our customers’ freight to the right place, at the right time and for the right price.

Key benefits

  • Simplification of complex freight tasks
  • Solutions-based approach to resolve pain points
  • A single point of contact and responsibility
  • Complete visibility of supply chain operations
  • Cost efficiencies achieved through scale
  • Removal of potentially risky operations from your business
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Environmental benefits achieved through use of rail network and reduction in empty container movements